Modern lithium cell units are equipped with sophisticated electronic managment units which control and protect each cell. This ensures entirely safe long-term operation with 100 % utilization of the battery cells.

In each cell the electronic unit precisely monitors the voltage, current and temperature, and adjusts the charging and discharging process based on the values it measures.

Leading Edge Technology

Olifemarine energy systems are equipped with state-of-the-art components to ensure your comfort. The powerful and durable lithium batteries ensure an extremely long lifetime without the need for maintenance or replacement. Unique data acquisition functions are provided by custom-designed battery management systems. Thanks to connectivity with our cloud portal you can remotely monitor and configure the functionality of your system. Olifemarine energy systems can be tailored to the requirements of any vessel.


For maximum safety we combine electronic and electromechanical safety features in each battery unit to ensure that all safety mechanisms function reliably.

Quality Control

During the production process we carefully monitor all important parameters in each battery cell. All cells are thoroughly tested and measured. Our battery unit manufacturing process includes numerous checks which guarantee not only high quality but above all-safety. Each block is issued with a “birth certificate” on which the checking of dozens of parameters is recorded.