The System

OlifeEnergy is an advanced power system for yachts, designed individually to meet the needs of every single client. This is a huge leap forward relative to standard yacht energy systems, which are not tailor made, and do not take advantage of new technology. OlifeEnergy uses modern automotive and lithium energy-storage technologies never before seen in the yachting industry.

Schematic diagram of the system

OlifeEnergy not only allows up to 10 hours* of silent use of the yacht during the night—ideal for light sleepers—but also healthier, ecological and more enjoyable bathing during the day, without the generator running, causing excess noise, smell and oily films.

Marinas with insufficient shore power will no longer be a problem as consumption shortfalls can be covered by your batteries. In some cases you can even completely avoid the need to connect to marina power without using youre generator or limiting the use of high consuming features such as air-conditioning. Charging speed (i.e. consumption) from shore power can also be set depending on local availability, allowing you to satisfy all your vessel’s power demands.

You can choose which of your equipment and appliances will become virtually independent of vessel or marina limitations.

Become free and unbound.

* Case study performed on a Pershing 70.