Stores six times more energy than lead acid batteries of the same size.

Significantly cuts the running and maintenance costs of your generator: it eliminates approximately 70 % of generator running time.

Allows the silent use of the boat. There is no need for you to use your generator and no need for the noise, smell and oily films that generators create.

Allows shore power use even in marinas with insufficient current.

Allows the boat to operate without shore power or the generator for up to 10 hours.*

Due to extremely high charging power, the batteries charge much faster than classic lead acid batteries.

The power supplied by your engine alternators is used more efficiently.

The performance of your system is stable. It is not influenced by battery discharge level: all your appliances will work, even when your batteries are only partly charged.

The system is modular: the battery system is adjustable based on your needs and the space available. It can be expanded in the future if you add more equipment, to your yacht.

The system is easy to operate. You no longer need to move heavy batteries for frequent replacement. There is a 30% weight saving due to the lower weight of the battery units, or a proportionally larger storage capacity.

The system has a 10 year life span and a 10 year warranty.**

* Case study performed on a Pershing 70.
** 10 year warranty on 80% battery capacity; 2 year guarantee on inverters and other components used.

OlifeEnergy allows you to monitor the performance of your system online:

  • • Power kW (production, consumption)
  • • History of electrical production / consumption
  • • State of charge
  • • Frequency
  • • Shore power
  • • Generator operation