Case Study (Pershing 70)

Over a 10-year service period, Olifemarine saves you approx. 42,000 Euro.
It also delivers superior sailing comfort without compromise.

The investment payback period is less than 4 years.

  Lead Lithium
Description Energy is available for only a limited period of time and only for basic electric appliances e.g. toilets, refrigerators etc. The energy supply is available for 8-10 hours and for all appliances, including AC (it is not necessary to run the diesel generator during the night).
Usable energy 3 kWh 28,4 kWh
Weight 196 kg x 2 + 48 kg starting battery.
Total 440 Kg
136 kg x 2 + 24 kg starting battery.
Total 296 Kg
Lifespan 2 years 10 years
Purchase cost incl. installation EUR 4,000 EUR 30,000
Annual diesel generator maintenance cost* EUR 3,000 EUR 1,000
Annual diesel generator fuel consumption** EUR 4,800 EUR 1,600
Total cost over 10 years EUR 98,000 EUR 98,000

* assuming 1,000 hours running time / year
** avg. consumption 4l / hour, avg. fuel cost 1,2 Euro /l and calculated for 1,000 hours of diesel generator running time per year