Size S (14.2 kWh)

Suitable for smaller vessels as a full replacement or upgrade of existing system. Extremely long lifetime and more power. No more maintenance.

Size M  (28.4 kWh)

No more compromises. M version offers enough system capacity to power Air Conditioning and other devices that consume higher levels of power. High charge rates and supreme efficiency will significantly reduce generator running time and starting frequency. A new level of comfort for medium-sized vessels.

(56.8 kWh)

L version’s very large capacity battery bank will deliver enough power for longer cruises or anchoring while allowing you to enjoy all the comfort features of your vessel. Suitable as a luxury upgrade for medium-sized vessels or as a superior substitute for large vessels.


Olifemarine’s energy solution significantly reduces generator run-time
due to its faster charging ability and higher energy density / capacity.
This means:

Less unpleasant noise and odour

Lower maintenance cost

More energy freedom