Olifemarine provides you with a unique energy solution that eliminates the intrusive noise and unpleasant odours of diesel generators. In addition, our technology significantly reduces the maintenance cost of batteries and generators.

With Olifemarine you can enjoy your ocean cruising in a fresh and peaceful environment.

Longer life span

The battery system is guaranteed for ten years.

Stores more energy

Olifemarine stores at least six times more energy than traditional lead acid batteries of the same size. This means you can power your whole boat, including AC, for 8-10 hours.

Maintenance free

Eliminate approx. 70% of generator running time. As a result, you reduce both fuel consumption and generator maintenance costs.

Lower weight

30% weight reduction compared to conventional lead-based solutions.  

Stable performance

Output is not influenced by the battery discharge level.

Easy operation

No need to move heavy batteries for frequent replacement.

Fuel saving

The negligible self-discharge and the better charge acceptance relative to lead-acid batteries means you don’t need to run your generator as frequently.

Possible modular solution

It is possible to further expand the battery capacity.